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Men's Services

We offer a cold beer (or champagne) with your service.

Men's Haircut with Steam Towel Treatment

Included is a personal consultation, stress-relieving scalp massage, an invigorating shampoo, haircut, style and a steam towel on the face for a relaxing finish.
~ 30 to 45 minutes

Beard Trim

~ 15 minutes

Pramasana Scalp Treatment

Men's scalps are thicker and produce more sebum. This scalp treatment includes a gentle exfoliation and purifying cleanse of the scalp to remove impurities and restore balance.
~ 15 to 30 minutes

Men's Grey Blending

This is an excellent option for when the grey starts to take over. This service puts back the depth of your natural color tailored to the client's individual needs, without anybody noticing.
~ 15 to 30 minutes

Men's Permanent Hair Color

Only choose this option if you are willing to maintain the color often, as you will have roots start to show as the hair grows.
~ 45 to 60 minutes

Shoe Shine

This is a hair treatment where the tip of the hair is highlighted, giving a sun-kissed look. Best for short haired clients.
~ 45 to 60 minutes


Hair removal method that gets rid of excess hair from the root so it doesn't grow back as quickly or as thick. Main areas of focus include backs, shoulders and chests, but facial areas such eyebrows, nose and ears are also popular. Hair will begin to grow back much slower and usually comes in thinner.
~ 15 to 60 minutes

Sport's Pedicure

Sit back and relax with a heated lumbar chair massage while you soak your tired feet in a whirlpool jet tub. Includes an exfoliating scrub, and extended massage of the foot and ankle area, moisturization, cuticle care and nail shaping. Most important, pedicures ward off bad bacteria and potential infections and are great for circulation, relaxation and rejuvenation.
~ 45 to 60 minutes

Add on a Foot Nourishing Treatment for intense hydration and relaxation. For extremely rough, irritated or achy feet.

Sport's Manicure

A simple service designed to keep hands neat and tidy. Includes cuticle care and nail shaping with a moisturizing hand and lower arm massage.
~ 30 to 45 minutes

Add on a Hand Nourishing Treatment for intense hydration and relaxation. For extremely rough, irritated or achy hands.

Facial Treatments

Skin Care treatments that deeply clean and re-energize the face. Improves overall skin health and appearance, texture and can help with issues such as extreme oiliness or dryness. Very relaxing and refreshing and can help improve daily shaves as well. .
~ 60 minutes


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