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Levels of Expertise

New Talent

-Newly hired talent who is carefully chosen to join our team. A passion for the industry and a thirst for ongoing advanced education are key. Extra time is allotted for this level and you may be assured of superior results.

Junior Artist

-A Junior Artist has successfully advanced past the New Talent phase of their career by displaying their skills and proving their dedication on furthering their career. They continue to attend ongoing education courses to further develop their knowledge of the industry. They typically have from one to three years of experience.

Designer Artist

-Our Designer Artists continue to develop in the industry by attending more advanced education to further their techniques and skills. A Designer is able to work at a faster speed due to their progressing experience. They typically have from two to five years of experience.

Senior Artist

-A Senior Artist typically has 5+ years of experience. They have demonstrated their expertise and proficiency, as well as their commitment to ongoing education. Senior Artists also share their vast array of knowledge to assist Master Artists in training our newer talent. 

Master Artist

-Master Artists are our most experienced technicians. Masters will bring a wealth of knowledge and a broad portfolio of design ideas to their clients. Our Master Artists continue to attend ongoing advanced education to keep their skills on the cutting edge.

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