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Chair Massage

A relaxing, refreshing shoulder and neck massage targeting stress and tension prone areas. Let 15 minutes with us undo hours, even days, of built-up tension. The service is done fully dressed, so it is convenient enough for you to do on your lunch break.
~ 15 minutes

Stress Release Massage

A therapeutic massage designed to work out stubborn muscle knots. Usually concentrated on specific areas of the body (low back, shoulders, neck, etc.)
~ 30 minutes

Body Balancing Massage

Deep tissue therapy work combining Shiatsu and Swedish massage. Restores energy levels and balances mind, body and soul. Includes foot reflexology.
~ 60 minutes

Relaxation and Deep Tissue Combination

A deeper, more rejuvenating massage, offering a soothing, relaxing approach along with a therapeutic touch. Recommended for those who have a general feeling of tension and discomfort.
~ 90 minutes

Stone Massage Therapy

Pure ritual, total relaxation! This "hot rock" treatment utilizes heated river stones as an extension of the Massage Therapists' hands to melt away areas of tension and release energy blocks.
~ 60 minutes
~ 90 minutes

Hydrotherm Massage

Be as comfortable as a baby! This massage is given on a luxuriously warm-water mattress. You will lie face up to receive this massage. Wonderful for people with head colds or sinus problems.
~ 60 minutes

Thai Massage

Done on a padded mat, fully dressed. Therapist uses their hands, knees, legs and feet to move you into a series of Yoga-like stretches. Benefits include: relief from asthma, migraines, sprains, bruises, anxiety, improved sleep & flexibility. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing.
~ 60 minutes



Massage Services Pricing

Service Price
Chair (15 minutes) from 18
Stress Release (30 minutes) from 44
Body Balancing (60 minutes) from 64
Relaxation (90 minutes) from 90
Stone Massage (60 minutes) from 74
Stone Massage (90 minutes) from 100
Hydrotherm (60 minutes) from 69
Thai Massage (60 minutes) from 74

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